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Form2 is a fast and flexible electronic form authoring and distribution system for iPad and other mobile devices. The system consists of an online authoring system and app-based completion of distributed forms.

Previously known as eForms we launched our new brand - called Form2 ("Form Squared") on the 16th December 2016 with a new website at www.formsquared.com and a re-branded app on the app store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/form2/id900064188?mt=8 

As well as featuring the new Form2 branding, the new app release also features new functionality – namely the ability to include images and short sound files ina form. The existing app will continue to work, though obviously it will not be able to make use of these new features, so users are encouraged to update to version 2.5.0 as soon as possible.

The existing URL (www.eformsapp.com) will continue to direct users to the new site where there will be a login button on the home page to access your account.

If you would like to trial Form2 for free then please contact Tim Cappelli (Tim.Cappelli@manchester.ac.uk)





A form authoring and distribution system that facilitates the completion of electronic forms on mobile devices.

Please check carefully that the terms you select correspond to your intended use of the product.

Software Licence - POA request 1.00

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Term: 12 months
Seats: n/a

Price excl. VAT: P.O.A. (price on application)

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MAN_002-3494530-v2-UMIP Evaluation Licence C2G Final 1.00

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Term: 3 months
Seats: 1+ seats

Price excl. VAT: Free of charge