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What is mbclick?

mbclick is a lightweight, web-based classroom response system, that delivers feedback to students directly to their mobile device.

No need to carry around old-style clickers, when students' own mobile devices can be used. Students participate using a web browser (or an app or SMS in the full version).

As its web-based there's no need to waste time installing and configuring software on your laptop. Click on the sign up button above to give mbclick a test run.

Why mbclick?

For students: mbclick is designed around the simple idea that returning feedback is a powerful way to close the learning gap between where you are now and where your instructor wants you to be.

For instructors: mbclick easily allows you to construct feedback that explains why a particular response is correct or not, delivered directly to individual students. It works with Microsoft PowerPointTM and there's also a built-in survey tool.

Who can benefit from mbclick?

Students and teachers at high school, college, universities, and commercial training organizations.

Participating institutions can use mbclick by purchasing a license. A limited-feature version of mbclick can be used for free, for up to three months.

mbclick was developed at the University of Manchester in the UK, where it is being actively used in courses in science, engineering and humanities.

How does it work?

mbclick is hosted by your institution and interfaces with your student record and learning management systems. This permits teachers and students to login to mbclick using their usual institutional account. Students participate using either the web browser on their mobile device, or using an app (which can also store the sessions for later replay and review). The mbclick system also allows surveys to be conducted.

What do people say about mbclick?

(Quotes from students and instructors)

"I think it helps with learning the content because of the specific feedback based on your responses. It felt a lot more personal and provided the ability to interact more."

"They bring these devices into class anyway, so we may as well be using them for teaching and learning."

"Without this technology there wouldn't be much interaction in class."

Pricing and evaluations.

If you would like to know more about mbclick or would like to arrange a trial of mbclick then please get in touch with Mr. Geoff Rubner geoff.rubner@manchester.ac.uk or visit www.mbclick.com











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