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Product specification: Synthetic medical image generation. Source code is available as well as a release package for 64 bit linux (compiled on Ubuntu).


Product description: A flexible and extensible application for generating synthetic medical image time series data from known ground truth. It includes anatomy, signal generation and physiology modules. Currently the modules for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI, diffusion weighted imaging, the variable flip angle and inversion recovery T1 mapping techniques have been implemented. However, the modular structure of PhantomGenerator facilitates its extension to other imaging methods, for example dynamic contrast-enhanced CT or the MR arterial spin labelling technique. For further information, including example output and input, please go to www.qbi-lab.org/software.

PhantomGenerator is freely available for research purposes. Please cite the following paper when publishing anything resulting from the usage of PhantomGenerator:

A Banerji, A Caunce, Y Watson, CJ Rose, GA Buonaccorsi, GJ Parker. “A flexible software phantom for generating realistic dynamic contrast-enhanced MR images of abdominal tumours,” Proc. ISMRM, 493, 2008.

Application areas: Quantitative analysis of post-acquisition image analysis techniques.

Product requirements: Linux operating system.

Product development status: Developed using a lightweight software development process which included unit testing.


Knowledge required for use: PhantomGenerator was written for linux and is run using the command line and config files. No user manual is available, but example input (including command lines and config files) and output is available at www.qbi-lab.org/software. A help option has also been included in the executable. The source code, written in C++ for Linux, has also been made available. This needs to be compiled by the user and was originally built using the eclipse IDE.



Dependencies: Apache log4cxx; Boost libraries (smart_ptr, program_options, FileSystem).




Phantom Generator

An extensible software phantom generator for MR image series emulation

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