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PRECiS is a 27 item patient-centred, practical and reliable measure assessing perceived impact of cognitive problems from the unique perspective of stroke survivors. It was originally developed as an outcome measure for trials, but it may have therapeutic value and be useful for informing rehabilitation approaches.

All available PRECiS materials can be found on the 'Files' tab above.

An administration guide, a sample page of the measure and an easy access report (showing how PRECiS was developed) are all free to download.

The full, validated PRECiS and the easy access version of PRECiS are available free of charge, under licence, to not-for-profit organisations for non-commercial research (clinical and non-clinical), non-commercial educational use and for use in clinical practice. We also encourage you to publish the results of your research but for copyright reasons but please do not publish PRECiS in full. Translated, modified and reformatted versions of PRECiS will, where appropriate, be made available on this website (http://www.click2go.umip.com/i/coa).

To request a licence to access and use PRECiS, please follow the steps below:

1. Check the box to the left then ADD TO BASKET.

2. Select to VIEW/EDIT BASKET above then CHECKOUT NOW.

3. You will be asked to 'Create Account' at this stage if you don't already have one. This is to register your basic information.

4. Ensure you have read the terms of the license and then click to SUBMIT / CONFIRM REQUEST. At this stage you will be asked to state your reason for requesting PRECiS.

5. Your order will be received by the Click2Go admin team who will usually approve the request on the same working day. You will receive a confirmatory email regarding the approval of your request and then the files will be available to download. 

The materials are also available to commercial organisations. To discuss commercial licensing options please email express@umip.com

For further details about PRECiS please contact Emma Patchick (emma.patchick@manchester.ac.uk) .


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***Published articles on PRECiS development are available on the References Tab***

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PRECiS (Patient-Reported Evaluation of Cognitive State)

A patient-centred, patient reported outcome measure assessing perceived impact of cognitive problems in stroke survivors

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