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The Palmo-plantar Pustular Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PPPASI) has been developed to aid clinicians to assess and to measure clinical severity of the skin condition palmo-plantar pustular psoriasis also known as palmo-plantar pustulosis.

The PPPASI is used also to track response of palmo-plantar pustulosis to treatment.

It uses the key clinical aspects of the disease to enable accurate assessment namely: pustules; erythema; scaling and; area of palms and soles involved.

The PPPASI has particular utility in the assessment of new medicines in  clinical trial for palmo-plantar pustulosis


PPPASI is © 2001 British Association of Dermatologists and is made available under licence.

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PPPASI (Palmo-plantar Pustular Psoriasis Area Severity Index)

For the assessment of the clinical severity of Palmo-plantar Pustular Psoriasis and to track response to treatment

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