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Literature highlights the role of pride in maintaining eating disordered behaviours but despite its clinical importance there have, until now, been no measures to assess feelings of pride associated with eating psychopathology.

The Pride in Eating Pathology Scale (PEPS-60), developed by Cintia Faija, is a self-report questionnaire that examines feelings of pride towards eating disordered symptoms (e.g., pride in food restriction, thinness and weight loss).

The PEPS-60 showed excellent convergent and discriminant validity. Furthermore, the scale discriminated between women with high and low levels of eating psychopathology. PEPS-60 is a psychometrically robust measure of pride in eating pathology that has the potential to advance theoretical understanding and may also be clinically useful. 

  • a valid, reliable, quick and easy to administer self-report questionnaire that measures pride related to eating pathology
  • assesses four clinically relevant dimensions:
  1. pride in weight loss, food control and thinness
  2. pride in healthy weight and healthy eating
  3. pride in outperforming others and social recognition and
  4. pride in capturing other people's attention due to extreme thinness
  • very good internal and test–retest reliability, and very good convergent and discriminant validity
  • distinguishes between women with higher and lower levels of eating psychopathology
  • contributes to understanding pride in eating psychopathology, which is essential from both clinical and theoretical perspectives

We request that where you use PEPS-60 that you share your research findings with the author Cintia Faija (cintia.faija@manchester.ac.uk).

If you are interested in a commercial licence to PEPS-60 please contact Ed Maughfling (edward.maughfling@umip.com).

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Pride in Eating Pathology Scale

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